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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's Go for a Ride!

Father's Day came early this year ... because the weather was beautiful last weekend and I couldn't wait for NHV and her daddy to try out their new bike seat!

I did a lot of research on bike seats. I knew that we did not want one that attaches to the rear of the bike. Chad wanted to be able to see and hear his rider. I just don't feel like a rear seat is safe. With that in mind, I started searching and found a few options, but none of them reviewed as well as this one. This is the iBert safe-T-seat, and we ordered ours through REI because they have the best return policy.

I took this information directly from their website because these are the two questions I know I would be asking:

Will it fit your kids?  The safe-T-seat is designed for children age 4 and under. The minimum age is 12 months as the child needs to be able to sit up well and hold the weight of a helmet on his/her head. The maximum height of the child that can use the safe-T-seat is 42 inches. Kids much taller than that will be uncomfortable. The recommended max weight is 38 lbs. Above 38 lbs and the maneuverability of the bike may be affected. 

NHV is almost three years old.  She only weighs about 33 pounds, but she is TALL for her age - not sure of her exact measurement.  Already her feet hang just outside the "stirrups" of the seat, but she doesn't seem to mind at all.  I am guessing we will only be able to use this seat through the summer.  But, again, CJV will be able to use it next year :)  

Will it fit your bike?  The safe-T-seat is the most adaptable child carrier on the market today. It fits more bikes than any other front mounted seat. A minimum of 3/4 inch is needed on the handle bar stem to accommodate the stinger assembly.

How much does it cost?  About $100.00.  I'll admit the price was a bit out of my price range. However, we have a second one who will someday ride with her daddy, so I think we'll get our money's worth out of it.  Just from the handful of times NHV has gone for a bike ride with her daddy, I think this is a great investment!

This makes a great Father's Day gift ... I know it's late notice, but you could order it and just print a picture to wrap :)

I should also mention that iBert did not ask me to write this "review" - I just love this product and thought I'd share.

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Emmett Joseph said...

This is such a great invention--I may have to look into this for Joe.