As a mom (and teacher), I strive everyday to engage, nurture, and expand the mind of my little one.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm thinking of ...

... a Sesame Street character

... and he has red fur

Did you guess, Elmo?

Well, of course, you're right! 

Have you ever thought about the thinking potential behind a simple game?  This is a game I've been playing with my toddler for more than a year ... and it's ever-evolving!

It started as a way to review colors. I'd give a clue about the color of a Sesame Street character - "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character and he's yellow."  NHV would guess and I'd give another clue.

The more we played, the clues became more complicated.
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who is taller than all of his friends." (Big Bird)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who knows his numbers better than anyone else." (The Count)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who plays the saxophone." (Hoot)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who is NOT blue." (multiple answers)

I always start with "I'm thinking ..." because I want NHV to make that connection ... I am using my brain to come up with a clue to then share with her.

Eventually and after plenty of modeling, NHV started coming up with the clues.  How's that for thinking!  I love experiencing the way her little brain comes up with the clues.  Her creativity astounds me, but I especially love it when she gets so excited by a "good" clue that she accidentally tells me the answer before I can guess!

I love this game because ...
  • it can be played anywhere - on the potty, in the car, at the dinner table, waiting in line at the grocery store, ...  and anytime
  • it's absolutely free and doesn't require any materials
  • it has continued to evolve and grow with my little learner
  • it's fun ... and, really, what better reason is there?!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday: Books About Mamas

I just found The Adventure of Motherhood through one of my favorites, Little Page Turners.  And it it turns out there's this great way to share books called, Feed Me Books Friday.  Sounds like my kind of par-tay  ;)

First of all, can I tell you that I really LOVE being a mom!  Who doesn't, right? Especially at this time of night ... when the house is quiet except for the white noise of two baby monitors gently humming in my ears.  Just kidding!  There are plenty of other times when I LOVE being a mom ... and in all honesty, there were a few moments today when I didn't love it so much at all.  Which is why I am happy to have an excuse to write about a book that makes motherhood seem so darn fantastic.  A book that remind me of the "bigger picture" of raising two daughters, who will possibly become mothers themselves.  Ooooh, I just got this "full circle" chill down my spine!

Let's get to the books before I get complete lost in my thoughts ... but if you're enjoying where that's going, you may want to read this post from about a year ago.

Someday by Alison McGhee

This is a book I absolutely cherish - because it came from my good friend Laurie, first, and then Missy gave me a second "keepsake" copy ...  and because it's just beautiful. The mostly white pages are wonderfully illustrated, each one listing a milestone and then wishes the mother has for her daughter's life. The author includes simple acts like holding hands while crossing the street and running with complete abandon.  Alongside those everyday experiences, there is also mention of life-chaning moments like discovering great joy and experiencing terrible sadness.

For me it serves as a poignant reminder to enjoy where and when we are right now (even in those moments when I wish I was somewhere else). My totally entertaining almost-three-year old will soon enough be heading off to preschool ... and then college! My sweet, sweet Charlottle will never be this same helpless, cuddly baby girl again. A thought that is beyond bittersweet.

After reading this book, I remind myself that someday is everyday.

Now I am off to peek in on those little sleeping faces ...

Oh, before I go, I should mention that this book makes a wonderful gift for an expectant mother with a baby girl on the way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

RECALL of Kids' Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Benadryl

Emmett's mommy - over at Rocky Mountain Big Boy - sent me an email yesterday, and I was a little shocked to read about a current massive recall of Kids' Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Benadryl.  According to,  43 liquid child/infant products are being recalled by Johnson and Johnson's McNeil Division.

Thankfully, there have been no reported injuries or deaths related to the recall and the chance of such an incident is being called "remote," however parents are being warned NOT to use these products.  A refund will be available - but those details have not been released yet.

A complete list of the recalled medications can be found HERE.
There's also a form for refund/replacement HERE.

Take a minute today to check your medicine cabinet!