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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm thinking of ...

... a Sesame Street character

... and he has red fur

Did you guess, Elmo?

Well, of course, you're right! 

Have you ever thought about the thinking potential behind a simple game?  This is a game I've been playing with my toddler for more than a year ... and it's ever-evolving!

It started as a way to review colors. I'd give a clue about the color of a Sesame Street character - "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character and he's yellow."  NHV would guess and I'd give another clue.

The more we played, the clues became more complicated.
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who is taller than all of his friends." (Big Bird)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who knows his numbers better than anyone else." (The Count)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who plays the saxophone." (Hoot)
  • "I'm thinking of a Sesame Street character who is NOT blue." (multiple answers)

I always start with "I'm thinking ..." because I want NHV to make that connection ... I am using my brain to come up with a clue to then share with her.

Eventually and after plenty of modeling, NHV started coming up with the clues.  How's that for thinking!  I love experiencing the way her little brain comes up with the clues.  Her creativity astounds me, but I especially love it when she gets so excited by a "good" clue that she accidentally tells me the answer before I can guess!

I love this game because ...
  • it can be played anywhere - on the potty, in the car, at the dinner table, waiting in line at the grocery store, ...  and anytime
  • it's absolutely free and doesn't require any materials
  • it has continued to evolve and grow with my little learner
  • it's fun ... and, really, what better reason is there?!


Sarah :) said...

love it! :) I'm gonna play that game tomorrow! we play eye spy all the time... but I think yours is better! :) yay!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea :) I am going to try it, thanks.