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Monday, February 1, 2010

Try It: Foam Paint

Love to paint with your toddler?
Or at least love the idea of painting with your toddler?

Hate the mess?
Hate all the wasted paint?
Hate the time it takes to dry?
Hate the thought of toxins or allergens?

If you're head's a-nodding ... 

You've gotta get some FOAM PAINT.

I stumbled upon this fantastic art supply while at a recent preschool open house (a big decision process I'll save for another post).  Based on a quick search, I think you have to order it online - wish a local store carried it.  I did find foam paint at this school supply site for about $5 per bottle. I think it would be completely worth it to order a few bottles and pay for the shipping, especially when you consider ...

  • Foam paint does not spill ... or drip!  
  • A quick squirt - right out of the can - is all it takes to get your toddler painting with fingers or brushes or any kind of painting tool.
  • The product overview claims that "an 8 oz. can equals 14 full cups of awesome art activities," and 14 cups is a lot of paint!
  • Also, foam paint is completely allergen free ... the description says that it does not contain latex, dairy, casein, egg, gluten, peanut, tree nut, or soy.
  • It dries very quickly ... and you can even wipe it with a paper towel to dry it instantly!
Art projects just got a whole lot more fun with FOAM PAINT!


Epiphius said...

Paint is one of the most intimidating things for me to do with Sparky! I'm so glad someone else sets it up and cleans it up at our toddler class!

Big Mama Cass said...

I have to try this!! Awesome!