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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Musical Hand Wash Timers

I have always been a big advocate for handwashing.  As an elementary school teacher.  As the mom of a toddler.  As a person who prefers being healthy over being sick.

I am not a germaphobe, but I am very germ conscious, especially since bringing a newborn into my house.  

I insist (politely, of  course) that NHV wash her hands as soon as we get home from where ever we've been ... eventhough I've already doused her with hand sanitizer when we get in the car.

As she climbs up on her stool, I even explain to her that we are washing the germs off our hands.  When she asks, "What are germs?"  I tell her they are things that can make you sick and they get on our hand when we touch things that a lot of other people have also touched.  (I sure hope I don't give her some huge complex!)

While we're at the sink, we pick a song and sing together ... a good distraction for making sure we've scrubbed long enough.

Recently, I saw this advertised in a magazine ... and further "researched" it online ...

It's a little timer that attaches to the top of your soap dispenser.  The music plays for about 25 seconds, the recommended time for effective hand washing.  For the reasonable price of $3.99, I think I've gotta try this.

Perhaps this will make hand washing more fun, and it may even encourage a bit of independence.

What do you think?  Worth the money?  Necessary?

Do you have tricks you use to make hand washing fun and effective?  Please share!


Danielle said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. That is the coolest thing ever.

Danielle said...

I definitely think this is worth the money!!

Emmett Joseph said...

Definitely worth 3.99...let me know if you get it. I would love to hear if it works!

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