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Monday, March 1, 2010

Read Across America

 "You're never too old, 
too wacky, too wild, 
to pick up a book 
and read to a child."

Tomorrow - March 2nd - is National Read Across America Day.  It also happens to be Dr. Seuss' birthday ... no accident or mere coincidence here.

This is a day designated to celebrate reading and the impact Dr. Seuss books have had on generations of young readers.

This is also a great opportunity to read a book (or a dozen) with your toddler.  And why not make it a Dr. Seuss book?  I am certain there's at least one (or a dozen) living on a shelf in your house right now!

If not, you could always turn to the great-and-powerful internet ... 

The official Seussville website.

YouTube Videos, like ...

Or, be inspired by these Seuss-themed Muffin Tins; I especially love this one.

NHV and I plan to celebrate this special day ... all week long ... with five of our favorite Seuss books.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a peek at  our Seuss Activity-of-the-Day :)

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