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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seuss Activity #2 - Ten Apples Up on Top

For our second Dr. Seuss Book Activity, I chose a familiar book - one Natalie and I have read and enjoyed many times ...

Ten Apples Up on Top

For counting to10, this is a great book!  And my toddler loves the simple animal characters. 

The idea of stacking apples on your head is pretty funny, too!

That's how we started this activity.  I handed NHV an apple and told her to try stacking it on her head.  She giggled like crazy and gave it a try.  Of course, it fell off and plopped on the ground and bruised ... but she sure had fun!

Since stacking an actual apple didn't quite work, we stacked paper apples on a photograph of NHV's (and baby sister's) head.  I just printed a sheet of apples on red paper, cut them out, and put a tiny roll of tape on the back of each one.  She "stacked" and re-stacked using fine motor skills. and counted all along the way.  

We talked about which girl had more apples stacked on her head, and a discussion about sharing ensued. In the end, we tried to put the same number of apples on each head.

Here's the sheet-o-apples I made in PowerPoint:

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Corey said...

Glad I found this! I was able to create something similar for Tot School this week!