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Friday, April 30, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday: Books You Can Sing

I am just found The Adventure of Motherhood through one of my favorites, Little Page Turners.  And it it turns out there's this great way to share books called, Feed Me Books Friday.  Sound like my kind of par-tay ;)

And this week's theme, Books You Can Sing, is just perfect because NHV is currently obsessed with two such books ... both written by Mary Ann Hoberman:

This extended version of a patriotic classic just makes us giggle!  It's a clever story of cast of characters - including Yankee Doodle and his pony, of course - who start a restaurant serving noodles, baloney, and apple strudel.  The rhymes are really interesting, and it's so easy to sing along with!

There's so much more to the spider's story!  The waterspout climbing is just the beginning.  She also hugs baby hugs, falls into a stream and gets rescued, and even goes shoe shopping!  So much fun!

The author has several other books in the series, and I would bet they are all pretty fantastic, but these are the two we love and read again and again!

*Disclosure: The book links are Amazon Affiliate links and I will receive a small percentage (4%) of the sale if you purchase one. However, I believe your benefit will be far greater than mine.

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