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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Counting Around the House

The weather is delightfully gray and a little chilly here this morning ... the perfect excuse to stay indoors (after a walk to our neighborhood Starbucks) and do a little number activity!

We used our favorite foam numbers - but any numbers - playing cards, post-it notes, flash cards would work.

While NHV ate her snack, I hid the numbers 1-9 - some in obvious places and others that required a few hints from me.

Natalie hunted for the numbers. About halfway through, I asked her to put the numbers on the floor in order, so we could tell which numbers we still needed to find.

After finding all the numbers, we searched through her toy bins to find things we could count and match up to the corresponding number.

There are so many different ways you could play this "game" - stickers on index cards, pom-poms in an egg carton, beads on pipe cleaners, ...

Can't beat good counting practice ... it's FREE and FUN!  NHV wants to know if we can "pay dat num-ber game again after yunch?"  Sure, why not :)


Taking Terrible ouT of Toddler said...

I like that idea! Thanks! I am going to try it in the morning :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great activity! Free, simple and fun! Thanks for the idea!

Brilliant Bundles said...

thats awesome! my 2 yr old is really into counting now. She especially loves seeing the actually numbers which are all over the house is various forms :)