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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BGB Transition - Major Breakthrough

I almost hate to write this post ... don't want to jinx it ... but ...

Natalie has slept in her big girl bed - without any resistance or "game-playing" - for the past two nights!

Attempt 5: Bedtime, Monday
After not napping and playing hard with daddy all evening, NHV was Ready (with a capital R) for bed by 8:15.  We were hoping that would work to our advantage in this whole BGB transition.  And, guess what?  It did!  She snuggled right in and was snoring within about two minutes.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and hoped it would last through the night ... I really didn't want another repeat of Saturday night's three-hour bed hopping, game playing.  And, guess what?  It did ... last through the night.  She slept for a solid 12 hours!  I actually went in at 8:00 when I still hadn't heard a peep.  She was just waking up, sucking that darn binky, and looking around her big girl room ... with that I am sure was admiration.  Yes, she slept through the night and stayed in her bed "until mommy or daddy came to get her."  Woo Hoo!

Attempt 5: Afternoon Nap, Tuesday
We played at Kid's Quest and enjoyed a lunch date at Five Guys ... Natalie was totally worn out.  During lunch my friend Terri and I chatted about loveys, and I expressed my sadness that NHV had given hers up about a month after her second birthday.  Well, she must've heard us talking about her Kitty (and G's Dudley) because she wanted her Kitty for naptime. I checked on her about 15 minutes after putting her down, and she was snoring away - in her big girl bed - with Kitty tucked under her arm ... brought happy tears to my eyes :)  Love that balance between her still being my baby girl but also tackling big-girl-hood!

Attempt 6: Bedtime, Tuesday
She did it - AGAIN!  NHV slept all night ... 11 hours ... in her big girl bed.  I checked on her like four times - as long as I am awake for a potty break, I might as well steal a glimpse of my big girl!  She was uncovered once, and another time her little booty was almost hanging off the bed between the headboard and the guard rail.  Regardless, she kept right on snoozing.  The best part ... when she woke up this morning, I gave a few minutes to chat and sing - like she did in her crib - rather than rushing in to get her.  And she stayed in her bed until I got there!   When she first saw me, her eyes lit up, she smiled around her (darn) binky, and then said, "I seep in big gurl bed las nite.  I tay in bed til mommy come."

By George, I think she's got it!

I'll be back to reflect on the things we did right and the mistakes we made ...

And if you want to see more photos of NHV's Big Girl Room, click here :)


Oliver'sMom said...

Yea Natalie!!! Big girl indeed! Give her a big ol hug from Oliver! I left Ollie's gate open and my door open this morning since we got to "sleep in" (yeah, right!). I love days like this and weekends when he comes barreling out of his room and at the top of his lungs you hear "A-mornin Mama! A-MORNIN!!! Get in bed wich you? Wach-e-show wich you Mama? Wach-e-show Bug's Life? HUGS MAMA!!" It's the best...

Jessica said...

Hooray for all of you! Well done. I just loved seeing Natalie show off her new room and big girl bed today! She is clearly so proud of it.

EmmaLouWho said...


Terri said...

Yeah for Natalie!! That's great news! She is such a big girl. Now can she tell G how to do it? Maybe it was the kitty that helped her too. Or having her dolly back. Or the full belly from Five Guys Fries. Or just the wonderful mommy. :) Yep. I think it's the last.

Nishant said...

I just loved seeing Natalie show off her new room and big girl bed today! She is clearly so proud of it.

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