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Monday, November 9, 2009

BGB Transition - The Saga Continues

So clearly this Big Girl Bed Transition isn't going to be a weekend deal ... ha, ha ... I am so naive and hopeful and anxious to unpack BGV 2.0's stuff!  After that first night of mixed results - she put herself to sleep,  but then woke up.  We negotiated for almost 3 hours, and she finished out the night in her crib - we are continuing on that same trajectory.

Attempt 2: Afternoon Nap
NHV and I spent the morning at a baby shower for a good friend of ours who also happens to have a daughter the same age.  Needless to say, Natalie was fairly tuckered out from all that excitement.  We did our usual naptime routine - except she declined my offer to read stories.  She didn't hesitate to climb into her new BGB, but she also didn't hesitate to climb out and be put back numerous times.  After about 40 minutes, she did fall asleep and took her typical three-hour snooze.  I was beaming with pride and possibility!  Perhaps this was the breakthrough we needed ...

Attempt 3:  Bedtime
... or not.  After the usual routine, we played the game for a good hour.  At first she kept climbing out of her bed, but after three reminders and put-backs, she finally resorted to staying put and calling, "Mommy.  Daddy.  Need You."  I promised to check on her when she called, so that's what I did ... over and over and over again.  Sometimes we cuddled.  Sometimes we chatted.  Sometimes I just reminded her that I love her very much and got the heck out of there.  (I am learning that the later strategy is probably the best one!)

All of which was to no avail.  At about 10:00 - hoping to catch up on an episode of Flash Forward (hard to do when interrupted every three minutes or so) - daddy (with my blessing) put Natalie back in her crib for the night.  On the way, she asked, "Seep big girl bed morrow?"

Clearly it isn't a matter of hating her new BGB or room.  During all three of these attempts, she hasn't cried or really even complained.  She just can't put herself to sleep ... and/or stay asleep.

Attempt 4: Afternoon Nap
While I attended my weekly appointment at my specialist's office, daddy gave it a go ... gave it the ol' college try, if you will.  She went in her big girl bed at 1:30, played the up-and-down game twice, but then stayed in her bed chatting, singing, and definitely NOT sleeping for two long periods.  Until I got home at 3:30, gave her another 20 minutes, and then went to "rescue" her.  Which means my daughter, who normally take a three hour afternoon nap, did not take a nap at all today!  This better not be a trend, people, 'cause momma likey those nappies .... you know?!


Erin M. said...

When we moved to BGBs, our pediatrician suggested we put a baby gate at the door to the girls' room. They didn't like it , but they learned fast. I usually told them I'd be back to check on them later, and I gradually stretched out the intervals between my visits. I also bribed with stickers, candy, little presents from the Target $1 section, etc. LOL!

Janelle said...

Keep up the good work! It seems like she is just so excited about her new room she can't contain her energy. I think consistency is the most important so keep at it...even though it can be tiring. She will be used to it in no time.

BJ_Mama said...

WOW! I am loving that you are crossing this bridge before I can just sit back and soak up all your ideas/tips/tricks/advice and we'll be ready when our time comes..hehe!
Seriously though, just the thought of this scares me, cause Sam likes to party when she gets up.... :( and we like to let her for a few minutes while we get up....but GREAT idea about the gate, Erin M.

Evonne said...

Sounds like she's just excited that she can get in and out of bed whenever she wants now. But she doesn't hate her BGB, which is good.

My kids went through too, and there was a lot of falling out of bed in the middle of the night, even with the side rail. I hated that!!