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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hasbro Rebate at Toys R Us

File this one under crazy. fabulous rebate!  I just heard about this on my mom's group message board - thanks, Shelly, and thought you'd appreciate the heads-up.

Hasbro and Toys R Us has teamed up to offer classic board games (like Memory, Candy Land, Cooties, Chutes and Ladders) at a HUGE (and dare I say, exciting) discount!

Most of the preschool games cost about $3.99 plus you get a $2.00 rebate on each game.  Are you doing the math?  That's about $1.99 per game, right?

It gets better ... no way, you say?!  Way ...

In addition, Toys R Us is offering a $10 gift card for purchases over $25.00.

Yep, you can buy 6 or 7 games (give them as gifts, donate to a toy drive, play them yourself), get the rebate and the gift card, and end up spending less than a dollar per game!
Here's the link to the official rebate information.

File this under side note :)  There's also been a mass "recall" of Baby Einstein DVDs and books.  This has been out there for a while, but I mentioned it to someone yesterday who didn't know about it ... so just in case, here's the story.

Oh, and Maclaren is doing a massive stroller recall, too - something about fingertip amputations - yikes!  Here's that story.

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Raising Z said...

That is AWESOME!!! I love the toy drive idea :) Thanks