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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogging Adventure of the eebee Kind

If you don't recognize this adorable little baby, you and your toddler have been missing out on the greatest thing to happen to developmental learning!

This is eebee ... and eebee's Adventures (videos, books, and more) are founded on the philosophy that every baby learns by doing.  Through the eebee lens, parents and little ones are able to see the power of play and the importance of discovery learning.  "eebee’s adventures focus on the developmental skills that babies are working on and use as the foundation of all future learning."

I've been a fan since discovering the eebee videos On Demand (when I still had cable).  NHV has her very own eebee doll, and our eebee DVD is one of her absolute favorites!  I've blogged about eebee before, and I recently mentioned eebee as one of my favorite options for toddlers watching TV.  Because of the blogging I've done - and the networking power of link back-tracking, I've also been in contact with Stephen Gass, the creator of eebee. 

Most recently, he bestowed on me a great honor and asked me to write a post for the eebee blog.  I wrote about the eebee-inspired Play Dates I've hosted through my moms' group.  This was a very exciting opportunity for me, and I hope to write for the eebee blog in the future! 

It would really mean a lot to me if you'd hop on over to the eebee blog, get a few ideas for hosting your very own developmental play date, and feel free to leave a comment, too :)


Raising Z said...

I read your guest blog post, it was great! Congratulations :) I have only seen eebee at a friends house (we too have the cable issue) and was impressed. My friend's daughter was in love with it and it was the only way she would eat breakfast. Maybe I will try the DVD with the next one.

Deann said...

How great that you were able to finally connect! I'm excited that you had the chance to write for a great kids company. So sad, Sahara's Eebee disk recently broke :-( Have to get another one, since she asks on a regular basis to view it.

Epiphius said...

Hey uh... anytime you want to do another developmental playdate (after BGV2.0 arrives) we'll be there! :) From my limited experience with eebee, it's a great learning tool rather than babysitter!