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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Caspar Babypants ... In Concert & Camera

I think we're officially groupies.  Caspar Babypants groupies.  How awesome is that?!  Natalie and I - along with a group of our mommy and baby friends - and as many other fans as could squeeze into a local library - saw a live performance of Caspar Babypants.

The songs were fantastic, and I felt super cool because I knew the words to pretty much every song.  Which probably has something to do with the fact that we've been listening to Here I Am! in the car, on the iPod dock in N's room, on the laptop while making dinner, ... all the time!  NHV even sings along in the car, and her sweet little voice just about melts my mommy heart!  And Caspar previewed a few new tunes from the upcoming release of his second CD.  I liked what I heard - and plan to buy More Please! when it comes out November 17.

The energy from the three of them ... Babypants on guitar and lead vocals, Babyshirt on percussion and general silliness, and Babyshoes on keyboards ... was contagious!  The threesome hammed it up for the kiddos and didn't take themselves too seriously.  Parents and kiddos were having an absolute blast!  Natalie danced and stayed happy for most of the hour-long show.  We did take a snack break and shared a "binky cuddle," but overall it was just perfect! 

After the concert, I stormed the stage to introduce myself.  Seriously, I was the first person up there.  I was somewhat starstruck at the chance to meet Caspar (aka Chris Ballew) - hey, I don't get out much :)  Like a dork, I introduced myself as ToddlerBrain - since we've meet via my blog and subsequent emails.  I think he recognized me ... or at least had a vague memory of my blog name.  I then promptly handed him my precious two year old and started taking pictures.  How pushy is that?!  He didn't seem to mind too much, and the pics are priceless.  When we talked about our day, Natalie mentioned Caspar with much enthusiasm, and even said, "Him hold me.  Mommy take picture."

Can't wait for the next Caspar Babypants show ... that's not during naptime :)


Epiphius said...

I added some pics to meetup and have a great one of N in there! We're going to go to another show, maybe even the one on Friday!

Chi-town momma said...

OK, the way you captioned these pics, it totally looks like he is wearing a shirt that says "I heart Toddler Brain!" I was wondering how you managed to dress the guy!!!

MommyBrain said...

The caption on Chris' shirt was all ME ... my lame attempt at humor :) Glad Chitown Momma noticed :) Just hoping my "luv" for CBP is a mutual thing!