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Monday, September 7, 2009

We're Loving Casper Babypants

And I do mean ... We're! All three of us are enjoying this CD and singing along and shouting, "More. More. 'Gain," in true NHV-style :)

And I do mean ... loving! Like listening to all 22 tracks ... over and over again ... kind of love. While there are some I like better than others, there isn't a single track that I want to skip. Now that's saying something!

Again, I am a total sucker for a cute cover and a clever name ... Caspar Babypants? Check! And check! This disc is loaded with original songs and sprinkled with a few traditional ones, newly arranged - think Three Blind Mice with a rocking twist. I think what I like best is the sing-a-long-ability of these songs. The "hooks" are super catchy. The lyrics are creative but not weird. And the music itself is mostly acoustic guitar and keyboards and not overly complex.

Now, if you're into Indie Rock, you may be familiar with Chris Ballew, lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America. He's the genius songwriter and voice behind Caspar Babypants. How cool is it that he's a rocker who's also a dad (some songs were written for his daughter) and sharing his talents in the toddler arena?

You really should take a few minutes to check out the Caspar Babypants Website to hear all 22 tracks off the CD.

Here's the track list with a few notes ...
01. small black ant
02. little broken truck - fun, fun sing-a-long
03. brown and lonely worm
04. free like a bird - V Family Favorite
05. baby bear - V Family Favorite
06. three blind mice
07. baby in a corn tree
08. heard a bird
09. babies little self - great song for teaching body parts
10. run away
11. the island hop - a bit of a "hula" feel & so much fun
12. under a rock
13. bug in the cuff
14. shortnin bread - reminds me of my childhood
15. let the s go - so clever; great play with letters of the alphabet
16. billy pringle
17. poor dust bunnies - this one makes me laugh out loud
18. freres jacques
19. bright bug - NHV's personal favorite
20. monkey river
21. calling from clouds
22. sleeping baby

Go jam to some Caspar Babypants and then hurry back here and tell me YOUR favorite :)


Big Mama Cass said...

cool! will check it out! :)

Chi-town momma said...

Gave them a listen and saw that you are on their website! Cute songs...shame they aren't on Rhapsody so I could add them to my playlist!

Mrs. Rickey said...

Not only do I LOVE them too...I have a signed copy of the CD! They played a show at KQ. I invited you right?!?! And yes now I'm reading your blog :)