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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the Speks Giveaway - 3rd Chance to Win!

Here's your 3rd - very sweet - chance to win a copy

of this fantastic kids' music CD ...

If you haven't already read my review and listened to this fantastic music,
it's only a click away.

This one is simple and fun ... here's your chance to "taste the rainbow" ...
just leave a COMMENT telling me .... which flavor is your favorite?

Missed the 2nd Chance?
Click here.


BJ_Mama said...


Epiphius said...

Green! No, red! No, green! It's almost always green which is usually lime, but when green isn't lime, then probably red which is usually cherry or raspberry. Those are all super yummy to me. Although, there's something terribly fantastic about yellow and purple skittles mixed together.

MommyBrain said...

First of all, I know that Skittles are not something I should eat prior to my second glucose screening test!

I love Skittle combinations:
Red and Purple
Green and Purple
Green and Red
Orange and Yellow

The green should be LIME, not apple!

And if the bag has blue Skittles in it, I am not interested ... I don't eat blue candy ... that's just a thing with me :)

Miss Mel said...

Maggie and I "Yuv yeyyyowwww" and Tuck says he loves the green ones (he doesn't really. He just like that color in the picture. He really yikes red :) Oh and now, he saw me type red and said "NO GREEEEEEEEN, type that g button, that is what Ga Ga Ga Green starts with." Oh my, who taught this kid to read?
Chris' is red.

Oliver'sMom said...

Oliver "lubs reeeeed" in anything-M&M's,jelly beans, skittles, any candy. I am a Starburst fan when I want chewy sweet stuff and I love the pink. Sorry if that's cheating, I don't really care for Skittles! ;-)

Oliver'sMom said...

PS-good luck with that second glucose test! I hope they let you recover for a day or two first!!!

Chi-town momma said...

If I had to pick just one, it would be the red...but when I was little, I would take a handful, suck on them and then push them onto the roof of my mouth to make a retainer...always wanted a real one and never had one! Damn my semi straight teeth!!!

Jessica said...

For just one, I love red. My favorite combo is red+purple. YUM. The husband said, "...Purple?" Ridiculous not to know for sure! Haven't introduced them to SP yet, so no opinion there.

Janelle said...

I don't eat Skittles all that often...I would take M&Ms over skittles but when I do have them I would say my favorite is purple (i think).