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Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Book is a Hoot!

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrator: Jen Corace

My toddler has been on a bit of an owl kick for the past few months. Okay, that's an understatement; we've been whoo-who-ing all over the place. Good thing her auntie Heather bought Little Hoot for her during a recent visit to the NW.

This story not only feeds Natalie's owl obsession but it's also quite delightful ... which, really, is no surprise considering the author whoo-who has written several other wonderful clever and creative children's books. She has entire "little" series that show parent-kid role reversal in regards to things like eating vegetables, getting a good night's rest, and cleaning up messes. For the slightly older crowd, I imagine these stories inspire much silliness and giggles. That bigger message goes over my toddler's head - right now - but it certainly isn't lost on me ... plenty of giggles from this momma!

So Little Hoot is the story of a young owl (hopefully you got that already) who wants to go to bed but his parents insist that he stay up late; apparently, that's the only way to "grow up to be a wise owl." He keeps asking to go to bed to which his parents reply that he must stay up and play for another hour. Are you seeing the role reversal here? Hee, hee! There's even a two-page spread featuring 10 minutes of action, a great exercise in counting.

My favorite lines:
  • The first line of the books is, "Once, up on a branch, there was a fellow named Little Hoot."
  • In response to Little Hoot's complaints about staying up late, Father owl says, "And besides, I don't give a hoot what time your friends go to bed. In this family, we go to bed late. Rules of the roost."

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Chi-town momma said...

I have not read this one, but I adore Little Pea! I will have to put this author on our "library list!"

BJ_Mama said...

It's going on my Library list too...Thanks!

Deann said...

Fun book. I need to reserve it too ....