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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Toddler Transitions

Toddlers go through big changes in a short amount of time. Some of those changes we impose on them with the best of intentions ... for their own good and for a variety of other reasons. This is my attempt at making those transitions go as smoothly and painlessly as possible through research compiling, advice sharing, and personal insighting.

What to expect ...

  • From Bottle to Sippy Cup
  • Let's hear it for the Fork
  • High Chair No More
  • Breaking the Pacifier Habit
  • Crib to Big Kid Bed
  • It's Potty Time!

I am hoping to approach each transition with a big dose of empathy for the many, many changes - new skills learned, old habits broken, emotional growing - that my toddler will experience in the next few years.

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