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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A couple of quick questions for you ...

  • Do you like FREE?
  • Do you like an online tool that promotes literacy?
  • Do you like an online tool that's EASY even for the not-so-tech-savvy?
  • Most importantly, do you like FREE?

I think I've found something for you ...

to get excited about ...

get creative and give it a try ...

Did I mention that it's FREE? As in, no catch; it's FREE.
Here's how it works:
  1. Upload the photos you want to use (file size must be less than 2 MB)
  2. Select from the various templates - there are only 4 choices: ABC Book, Calendar, Greeting Card, and 123 Book.
  3. Create a cover and fill in the inside pages with images and text.
  • The text functions are very limited. You can control the color, and that's about it - no font choices, not size choices - all of that is preset. You'll either like that or you won't ... but it will keep you from spending extra time making a "font" decision.
  • I love that the ABC book template includes both upper case and lower case letters!
  • Image functions are also limited. Again, I think this is a good thing! You can resize using a scale slider and then reposition the photo in the designated area on the page; that's it - no cropping or editing of any kind.

When your masterpiece is finished, the site will create a PDF file (for FREE) that you can download to your computer to print right away ... or save and take to your local copy shop to have printed for you. It's so easy. It's so free. It has so many possibilities!

There's a whole gallery of examples on the website, but this is my favorite. Aren't the photos clever, especially the mirror?

Teacher Thoughts: This is a fantastic tool for helping toddlers learn letter (or number) recognition. The content can be geared specifically to your child's interests. What toddler doesn't love to see photos of him/herself? You could also gear it toward themes like animals, transportation, food, family, colors, ...

Best of all, you could put together one of these books in a matter of less than an hour - including photo-selection, the most time consuming part of it all. That's my goal - three 20-minute sessions of Curious George, and I'll have a one-of-a-kind ABC book for my toddler ... I think my theme will focus on becoming a big sister :)


Chi-town momma said...

What a great site!!!

Oliver'sMom said...

Umm, HELLO! Scrapbook queen here is COMPLETELY excited about this one!!! I had already made Ollie an alphabet book, but I haven't been good about putting pictures in it. Now, I'm just going to do this, and put it on the picture page next to the alphabet animal pages. THANK YOU!!!!

PS-Oliver informed me this morning "No Kori's Mama, fwimming with Natty, OK. OK?" Cracked me up that he still associates our drive to Issy with swimming this summer!

BJ_Mama said...

Thanks for the great link!