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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letter Recognition - Online - Part 1

I am constantly finding great resources online ... sometimes it's hard to stop ... it's like an obsession! Lately, I've been focusing on Letter Recognition with my toddler. I have dozens of resources bookmarked, but I decided to give them to you in bite-size pieces ... three at a time!

A Printable Activity: Alphabet Picture Pages
Simple, black-and-white images - one for each letter of the alphabet.
This is a pdf file that prints in seconds and is ready to use - love that!

  • Cut apart the cards, color them, and match with foam letters.
  • Leave as solid pages, attach to a magnetic surface, and place a magnetic letter in the matching square.
  • Make letter cards and use the sets as a Memory game.
  • Lots of possibilities for very little work :)

An Interactive Site: - ABCs, Getting Ready to Read

Starfall is a plethora of resources, but I focused on this one interactive component. This activity requires a lot of clicking, but I think it's well worth that effort.

  • Click one of the letter blocks and the upper case and lower case letter are presented visually and verbally.
  • Click again and you'll hear the phonetic sound the letter makes.
  • Click the arrow to see a picture whose name starts with that letter.
  • Click again and the word is presented at the bottom of the screen and spoken aloud.
  • Get it? Keep clicking ...

A Video from YouTube: ABC Song, Let's Start Smart

My toddler enjoyed it, and I like that it focuses on lower case letters.

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Jessica said...

Ah, Starfall. Used aplenty by the first grade teachers at Sunset, and by me when I had an ESL student. Love it! It'll be fun to introduce it to SP in the next year.