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Friday, September 11, 2009

Guess Who ...

... Just Made Pee-Pees on the Potty!

And here she is eating a celebratory breakfast of Pirate's Booty while watching a little Curious George ... because that's what she wanted ... and in all the excitement, I was willing to give her anything she wanted! I couldn't get her to sit on the potty long enough to grab the camera, so this is her post-pee-pee photo :)

I know we are a loooong way from being potty trained, but this is a breakthrough! Just when I thought I can't possible sit on this stool and read another book ... she did it! She knows what it feels like now! Step in the right direction for sure!

Most recently, I've been reading the No-Cry Potty Training Solution. Based on the readiness quiz, NHV is ready for this endeavor, which is giving me the confidence to forge ahead. I have a renewed interest in teaching my toddler this important life skill ... let's just hope it lasts through the many setbacks ahead :)
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Terri said...

yeah! go natalie! Gavin did it a couple weeks ago, and then... not interested again. I think it takes time and patience. But, from what I hear, EVERYONE does it. :)

Chi-town momma said...

Way to go NHV!!! We are still just sitting...and doing LOTS of giggling.

Epiphius said...

We're trying the 3 day training thing and are on day 4, but are seeing progress each day! Way to go NHV!

SupahMommy said...

I read pottying for dummies.. sat a the kitchen table and read it all in one sitting.'


i also sat on that same stool.. and thought i was going to cry each time if i had to sit one second longer.

we just finished p... 3 years.
they are all very different...

and someone said to me: " janis bell.. actually."

she won't go to kindergarten wearing diapers.. it'll happen.

and sho nuff.. it just CLICKED one day.. for both my girls.

don't kill yourself with goals etc.. that's what i did wrong.. .just let it happen... offer opportunities... it will happen.. promise. ::) then little bgv will be up for bat.. so to speak. :) and youll do it all over again.. and none of it will work for her.. that works for NHV>.lmao!!

Deann said...

Yea! Too bad for the missed photo op :-)