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Thursday, October 1, 2009

the Speks Giveaway - 4th Chance to Win!

Here's your 4th - wee little baby - chance to win a copy

of this fantastic kids' music CD ...

If you haven't already read my review and listened to this fantastic music,
it's only a click away.

Perhaps you've heard ... there's a wee one on the way, and she's going to need a better name than "wee one."

image from here

Here's your chance to give a little input on what we should name Baby Girl 2.0 ... IF we decide to go with an Irish origin ...

According to, these were the top 30 most popular Irish baby names for girls ... way back in 2003 (it's the best I could find).

Emma - Sarah - Aoife - Ciara - Katie - Sophie - Rachel - Chloe - Amy - Leah - Niamh - Caoimhe - Hannah - Ella - Lauren - Megan - Kate -Rebecca - Jessica - Emily - Laura - Anna - Grace - Ava - Ellen - Shauna - Roisin - Holly - Aisling - Lucy

To enter and possibly WIN the Speks GIVEAWAY (see details above), simple leave a comment with your Top Choice(s) from this list of girl names.


Anna said...

From a comment you've put on another blog I guess your favourite is Niamh, my own name is on there but I think my favourite is Roisin, have you thought of Caragh - it means friend. or Catriona an irish form of Katherine

Miss Mel said...


Jessica said...

I like Ciara (though maybe not that spelling of it), but it doesn't sound like it *goes* with Natalie, if you know what I mean. Maybe Chloe, but that sounds like a name too many people give their cats.

I vote to avoid anything that also appears on a top 10 or 20 list of most popular names in WA. You can check that out at the Social Security site!

Great fun to look at the popularity history of any given name, based on people who applied for SSNs for their babies when born in the US. Can be looked at my state as well. Have fun!

Deann said...

My vote is Ciara (but with the spelling as Cierra or Sierra). We considered this one with Sahara too :-)

Oh if you want to go a bit Jewish there is always one of my favs from Fiddler on the roof, Havilah. I think it is pretty and it means, I think, little bird... :-)

Good luck!

Raising Z said...

It's between my name (Jessica :)) and Grace (my beautiful niece).

We are sooooo struggling with the name thing and we have to have a boy and a girl name!

Sara said...

So, MommyBrain is my second stop every morning (after checking my email). I love reading your blog. I have always loved Chloe and Lucy but my new favorite is Leah! (This may be because I never had a student with any of these names to ruin it for me!)

This is Sara, Debbie's friend in case you were wondering!

Janelle said... are my 2 cents..and of course if you have had one as a student it might change things. My favorites are Emma, Grace, Hannah & Anna. We were thinking of Lucy at one point but I'm a little worried that one is going to be very popular in a few years...but who knows. I like Kate. I think it's cute and sophisticated....although unfortunately there is now an infamous mother with that name so maybe not. I hate it when people ruin names. Good Luck! I can't wait to hear what you name your little girl.

Oliver'sMom said...

Kate all the way! Katherine is cute too. Just think, Cat and Nat!

Chi-town momma said...

From this list I love Anna (we tinkered with the idea of Taylor being named Anna), Grace is also lovely, classic.
That pic is too cute!

EmmaLouWho said...

Well of course I like Emily and Anna the best :-). Lucy is really cute.

Epiphius said...

My cat is Cloe and my dog is Grace, so they're both names I like, but they're also really popular. I think Shauna is really nice. It's normal, but not super common. One that we considered for E was Ainsley. Similar to one on your list.

Nicole said...

Ava is my favorite. It was on our list of baby girl names.