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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spek-tacular Offer

Remember these guys?  And their delightful sing-along songs?  And this delightful review I posted a while back? And the fabulous giveaway?

Well, if you aren't already listening to, singing-along with, and dancing a jig to the musical talents of The Speks, you are seriously missing out ... and YOU'RE IN LUCK ... as the Irish might say!

I just received this message and generous offer from Quince, one of The Speks:

We had a great response from your Spek-tacular review and to show our appreciation to you and your readers we have created a Discount Code called DVH so that your readers and friends can download our album as an MP3 for 3 Euro (that’s about $4.50) which is the lowest price for our music anywhere in the whole wide world! DVH can be entered as a Discount Code at checkout in Our Shop on our website.

Just to clarify, The Speks are offering readers of ToddlerBrain the chance to purchase their entire CD - all 17 songs - for less than $5!  Just enter the code DVH at checkout.  How can you possibly pass up that offer?!  Original, enjoyable, educational music all the way from Ireland can be yours ... right now ... just click :)

This is how Quince signs his email messages to me ... and I love it ...
As always, sing along and sing loud!

Oh, we do.  We do!  In fact, if I can capture it on video, I will post my sweet toddler singing along to number 16, Homeward Bound ... a song about a horse with lyrcis that go faster and faster.  It is so darn cute!


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Chi-town momma said...

We have been jamming out to our copy of the Speks! It is a great CD! Makes me want to crack open a Guiness, though, and takes me back to my days at the Irish Times in it wrong to think about my drinking days when I am listening to kids music??? Thanks Dana and The Speks!