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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costumes for Little Ones

Google image searches produce the most interesting results.
Don't you agree?

These made me go .... hmmmmmm?!  Your reaction?

Babies already make plenty of their own flatulence and reaction-worthy noises, do we really need to advertise?

Just getting ready for the next big holiday, huh?

The poultry trend continues ... but this one is beyond disturbing!  That's an alien spawn breaking through that adorable chicken's tummy.  Guessing there's a daddy behind this ingenious costume :)

I'm a fan.  Think the man was an amazing performer.
Not interested in dressing my toddler as Michael Jackson - now or ever.

You'd need to have a precocious toddler to pull this one off ...

Can't help but think of Chitown Momma's husband with this one ... he's just ballsy (and hilarious) enough to give this a try (and get away with it) - hee, hee!


What do YOU think of these costume choices?  Did you laugh?  Cringe?

More importantly, what costume will your little one 
be wearing for this Halloween?


Chi-town momma said...

If Brandon knew that toddler sized pimp suit exhisted, he would be ALL over it for B!!! But alas, B is going as a fireman in his "woowoo suit" (which he has worn everyday this week, including naps!) and T is in her brother's handmedown monkey costume! Both can be seen on my facebook page in some pics uploaded by a friend! Pretty cute :)

Chi-town momma said...

and that would be existed...spelling never was my strong point!

Epiphius said...

I love the turkey one! That made me giggle!

Both my girls are panda bears. Check our their flickr pics. I just put 30some up today!

Epiphius said...

Hey D! I found a background I thought you might like for toddlerbrain