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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5-Minute Project: Hands and Numbers

This morning I decided that a few contractions aren't going to keep me from teaching and learning with my baby girl. I threw together a quick "art project" that involved tracing her hand prints and numbers 1-10.

My toddler loved the hand tracing part. I think it tickled a little and her giggle was just what I needed to hear. I traced in pencil first and then went over the lines with black crayon. As I was doing that, we counted her fingers aloud.

Initially, I was just going to count them again and write the numbers as we went. But somehow my flaky brain remembered that I have a stash of letter/number stickers in a nearby drawer - what luck! I picked them up at Michael's in that terribly addictive, impossible to resist dollar section. The ones I have are actually made by Crayola.

So while I grabbed the stickers, NHV grabbed the crayons and started adding her own creative flairs to our artwork. I especially love the "rainbow" she drew off to the side; clearly her work was inspired by this morning's episode of Curious George.

Materials: paper, pencil, crayons, number stickers

Teacher Thoughts: My toddler is currently counting aloud from 1-10, and number recognition (Naming the numbers when she sees them or identifying a number when I ask, "Where's the 2?") seems like the next logical step. This project combines both and gives a strong visual connection between the numbers said aloud, the stickers, and her own fingers.


Janelle said...

Ok...saw this a few days ago...we tried it today. Brody loved it! Unfortunately I didn't have the cute stickers like you have in your photo. I only wish I had access to big rolls of butcher paper so I could trace Brody's entire wouldn't that be fun!

Thanks for the great idea!

LoriPC said...

I just did this activity with Vivian. At first she didn't want her hands traced so I did mine first. Then she was OK with it. She really enjoyed showing me which number was which and you could see how proud she was when she got each one right.