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Monday, August 10, 2009

Music for the not-so-musically-inclined

Guest Blogger: Daddy of the Toddler ... we'll call him KazooDad, just for fun

Let's face it, some of us "got it" while others of us just don't. My wife and I fall into the latter category when it comes to music ... or at least our ability to create music. We'll listen to music all day long, but neither one of us can read a note or play an instrument. That's a fact that isn't going to change. But we do have a young daughter who demands "fresh" music on a daily basis. While my extraordinary whistling talents usually satisfy her appetite, I've recently discovered the magic of the kazoo.

Allow me to interject and say that dear hubby had been deprived of a kazoo all his life, which I find hard to believe ... until this past Father's Day, when I purchased a shiny, red one just for him. I had promised guitar lessons the year before, but that didn't pan out.

So before you run out to pay for those guitar lessons - that you know aren't going to pay off - let's run through the Advantages of the Kazoo:

  • Quite possibly the easiest instrument to play; if you can hum, you can play the kazoo
  • No tuning required; even if it is out of tune, you won't know it and your toddler won't mind
  • Fits in a pocket for those spontaneous jam sessions
  • If you don't like to sing, this is the perfect excuse
  • Best dollar you ever spent; seriously, I got ours in the dollar section at Michael's

Here are a few fun kazoo options for you and your toddler:
  • Get your wife (friends, neighbors) involved and have a classic sing-a-long. A good time is sure to be had by all.
  • A personal favorite, and a game my toddler is learning quickly, Guess the Song. The other night, NHV even managed to name a few my wife couldn't figure out! From a teacher's point-of-view, this is an awesome auditory learning activity!
  • Thinking ahead to future celebrations, the kazoo would be a great accompaniment for "Happy Birthday."
  • For all you drool-loving musicians, let your toddler play. You may want to save this for the last song of the evening as your kazoo will probably need to dry out.

What are you waiting for? Go out and get a kazoo already.

And we'd love to hear about your kazoo tales.


Heather said...

I enjoyed reading about your love of the kazoo..I am a record producer in the Seattle area and I would love to meet with you to produce some kazoo tunes...Can you play 80's tunes like, "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi?

Chi-town momma said...

I just posted a comment and now it isn't here?
Anyway, it went something like this...
We actually just got a kazoo at a festival last weekend (even better than the dollar bin is a free kazoo!). B really enjoys playing it...loudly, in his sister's face. T not such a big fan of the kazoo! :)

Emmett Joseph said...

Hilarious! The funny part was I could actually hear Kazoo-Daddy (or whatever you're calling him) saying this. I'm sold! I am buying a kazoo this week. Another good one, by the way, is the harmonica. Emmett has a child's beginner harmonica, if you will, and he LOVES playing it.

Elaina said...

I loved that post. It was like the two of you were talking to me :) You sold me on the kazoo!