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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am just reposting this as a reminder that we are halfway through the month of August! Comment-Palooza continues and there's still a fun prize to be won ...
July was a record-breaking month. We had record-breaking temperatures here in the NW. And I wrote 52 posts (between two blogs) in one month; btw: that's a personal record, I don't claim to hold the blog-world record or anything crazy like that!

Anyway, now that July is behind us and we're cruisin' right on into August, I've got a little contest (aka palooza 'cause I love that word) for you ... woo hoo!

It's simple ...
It's driven by my need for comments ...
It's motivation for you and for me ...
It'll be fun, I promise!

  • Just leave me a comment (starting August 2 at 4:00 pm PST) - on any post, old or new - and you'll be entered into a random drawing (@ to win ... a prize (in the form of a gift card)!
  • Each comment earns you an entry. The more times you comment, the more chances you have to win ... and ChitownMomma is sure to be tough competition :)
  • Add yourself as a Follower to earn an additional 3 entries. To the 13 of you who are already Following, you've got your 3 entries :)
  • Add me to your blogroll - and tell me about it - to earn another 3 entries.
  • Tell your friends - at least 3 of them - about my blogs via email (include me: dverhoff (at) to earn another 3 entries.

Come on, Show Me the Comments!
Let's make August a Comment-making, Record-breaking Month!

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