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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Books: Parts of the Body

I did a lot of hunting around for good, age-appropriate books about Parts of the Body. The first three books I was able to check out from the library this week, and I would recommend all three of them. The others I found on Amazon, and I will consider order them because the content and illustrations seems to fit what I am looking for. (The notes on each book are from Amazon Product Descriptions because I am short on time for this post - sorry about that.)

Baby Einstein: Baby da Vinci, My Body

Simple rhyme and engaging illustrations help babies and toddlers learn about their bodies. From head to toe, young children will enjoy following Baby daVinci as he identifies the parts of his body and what each one does.

Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr.

A surprising celebration of physiological parts and their uses that includes: "Here are my hands for catching and throwing. Here are my feet for stopping and going. . . . Here is my elbow, my arm, and my chin. And here is my skin that bundles me in." Rand's pictures spill off the page as different children enact the very funny, very pure chant. It's repeatable, rereadable and particularly adept at showing some of the various activities associated with the assorted limbs. Simply told, these short phrases say more with less.

Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes: A First Book All About You by Judy Hindley

There are millions of ways to use a body. Take legs and feet, for example. "Legs are for leaping and jumping and dancing. Legs are for kicking and skipping and hopping. Feet are for STOMPING and suddenly--STOPPING!" This playful celebration of legs and bellies and noses and necks is for those new to these parts, but grownups can always use a reminder of what the old bod can still do. A parade of multi-ethnic toddlers delights in winking eyes, stretching backs, and hugging arms. Brita Granstrom's crayon and watercolor characters romp on backgrounds that look like the kids themselves drew them, complete with flowers and shining suns.

Some Parts are Not for Sharing by Julie K. Federico

Travel with a pair of friendly fish as they learn about what parts of our bodies we share with others. Children will learn what the boundaries of appropriate touching are in a very non-threatening way. School Counselor Julie Federico begins the imperative conversation of personal boundaries in Some Parts are not for Sharing. Children will enjoy learning about their bodies as they get some important information from a pair of fish. Parents will marvel at the simple straightforward language and use of sea creatures that create this message all children must hear.

My First Body Board Book by DK Publishing

In Dorling Kindersley's tested and true style, babies learn to identify parts of the body including the nose, elbow, toes, back, ear, and hair. They also learn what these wonderful body parts can do: sit, play, crawl, make a face, and dance. The five senses are covered ("feel some soft sand"), as well as counting 1 to 5 and 10. Many cute babies and toddlers model their new skills in DK's crisp, fun photos set against a white background.

Learn-a-Word: Bodies by Nicola Tuxworth

Bodies are fascinating to babies and toddlers as they gradually learn what each part is called, how it works and what it can help them do.


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All things Baby Einstein are my Monkey's fav.

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