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Monday, August 3, 2009

Recess Monkey

What kind of name is Recess Monkey? I know, I know. I thought the same thing. But after hearing their music, I just don't really care. Their funky logo sealed the deal for me. And then Natalie and I watched them perform live ... hooked, totally and completely hooked ... pass me a freakin' banana already!

How c-u-t-e is this?

This Seattle-based band of three guys is sure to have you dancing and laughing and singing along. As elementary school teachers, it's beyond clear that these talented songwriters have some idea of what kids like. Their musical style has been compared to the Beatles and their lyrics are hilarious! Each song tells a story. Each song is something kids and parents can relate to.

With five albums to their credit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a song you don’t like! Their latest CD is called Fieldtrip and features songs like Marshmallow Farm, Sack Lunch, and Knocktopus. You can listen to a bunch of their tunes here, and while you're there browse their website - it's entertaining.

If you live in the NW, it's worth noting that these three guys perform at a lot of local venues - from libraries to Bumbleshoot. They have an energy and enthusiasm and stage presence that will make you love their music even more.

This photo pretty much tells it all ...


Lisa Lee said...

While I type this, we are listening to Recess Monkey's "Animal Farm" on my laptop as well...and I'm pretty sure Dominic thinks he already knows the words as he's humming and bouncing along to the tunes. He pointed to two of their album covers that caught his catchy tunes and I have to say they have pretty soothing voices, so I think I could find myself listening to these guys too.

Lisa Lee said...

One more comment is needed we've continued to listen to the Recess Monkeys, Dominic also liked the "Backpack" song and the words "Optimus Prime has a really good time with his backpack, his backpack..." What a hoot!