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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's Toddler Lunch

My toddler continues to be what I consider a "finicky" eater. She is also not a "big" eater; meaning she doesn't consume tons of the foods she does like. And fruit really is not an option. I can't even put it on her plate; it's one of the few times she "throws a fit." It's a struggle, I tell ya!

So, I thought I would start posting about the meals I am "preparing" for her. Keep in mind, I use the word "prepare" lightly, very lightly because I am not much of a cook.

Today, my NHV had ...

a serving of carrots with humus (ate about half)
half of a small avocado
a serving of meaty pasta leftover from last night's dinner
a cup of whole milk

What did your little dumplings have for lunch today?


Chi-town momma said...

Leftover raviolis in meat sauce and milk. We had been at a playdate and he filled up on grapes, strawberries and goldfish crackers!

BJ_Mama said...

That sounds like a yummy lunch! (I work 3rd shift, so my hubby fed her today) Normally though, she's not picky, she just doesn't eat that much, and Some days she'll pile it in.

Miss Mel said...

We had PB and J cut out like a pirate ship cause why not :)
They split a kiwi, each had about 5 grapes and 2 small strawberries
Goldfish crackers
A pack of Mickey fruit snacks each

Emmett Joseph said...

Cubes of turkey and cheese, ritz crackers and applesauce. Also some fruit snacks and a few tortilla chips at a playdate. No problems eating here!