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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Playdate Idea: Mixed CD Swap

This playdate (as with most) is as much for the mommies and it is for the little ones. After a particular drive home from the grocery store listening to the same children's music CD for the bazillionth time, I decided to host a Mixed CD Swap Playdate:

Here's the description I posted on my Moms' Group Meetup site:

Sick and tired of your kid's music CDs? Will you claw your eyes out if you have to hear that particular version of "Wheels on the Bus" one! More! TIME!!


Burn a mix of your kid's favorite tunes onto a CD, and include a list of titles/artists/album titles that you used. We'll swap them with each other during a playdate at my place!

That way, you're guaranteed to come home with fresh new music, and your little ones are guaranteed to have a great time playing with friends! Just bring one CD to "swap" for another - I don't think we really want/need 6 CDs of kid's music, do we?!

I ended up with two awesome CDs - a total of about 40 new songs - and was introduced to some musicians that have become favorites for me and NHV.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, and because my husband questioned it, I am not entirely sure about the legalities of sharing music this way.

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Chi-town momma said...

I have been meaning to get another one of these on our meetup calendar! But that would mean that I need to remember to buy some blank CD's first so I can be sure to be ready to share!